A Famil (ly)-iar Melody

février 1, 2016 par Jane Waeber
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Metal rails, insolation, wallboard, electricity…It had been almost 10 months since I had finished these installations in the B and B.  When we attacked this activity, once so familiar, in the big house.  We encountered many new challenges.

The attic is by far my favorite place at Le Boucheron.  The space has a healthy and serene atmosphere.  The 4 luminous rooms have a special charm with their eaved roofs, shelves, and closets in antique wood.  The original oak floor is as beautiful as the floors throughout the house.  The walls recalled the distant past, no electricity, several layers of stylish, now antique, wallpaper, and even a pencil mark, recording the height of a past inhabitant dated 1928 and 1929.  Perhaps this was from Nicolas’ grandfather who was 18 or 19 at the time and had just moved into the house to take over the farm.  The house and the farm had been purchased in 1920 by Nicolas’ great great grandparents for their young grandchild who, at 10 years-old, dreamed of becoming a farmer.  While waiting for their grandchild to reach maturity, they entrusted the functioning of the farm to a manager.

Today, after months of work and with the help of so many who participated, we have finally finished this element of the project.  I can check off electricity, insolation, and wall board in the attic!