From the very beginning of the renovations, Jane and Nicolas have strived to respect the calm and well-being of the home as well as the building’s past by honoring environmentally-friendly, sustainable-energy construction and modifications.

Wood Wool Insulation
To insulate the exterior walls, they installed wood wool. This recycled material boasts excellent insulation from cold as well as from heat.

A Wood Chip Furnace
They chose a wood chip furnace to heat the house and produce hot water for the bathrooms and the pool. A wood chip heating system makes excellent use of white wood which grows quickly and, since it burns inefficiently as full logs, is not used in traditional wood furnaces. In the form of chips, the percentage of combustion is excellent. Here this system provides an ecological use of trimmings, rarely used in the past, from the many hedges along the farm’s roads and streams.

A Garden for the Treatment of Wastewater
The wastewater at Le Boucheron is processed thanks to a purification garden designed specifically to treat wastewater. The system directs the wastewater into two sealed ponds. The first, planted with reeds, decomposes the material and then sends it to the second, filled with iris and wicker plants, which, in turn, purify the water. Thus treated, it then flows into a natural ditch and finally is absorbed, following a normal water cycle. This completely autonomous system uses neither energy nor further treatment since the flow advances with gravity and with the elimination of a septic tank, it does not require further external treatment.

Other Measures to Save Energy and Water
Electricity is reduced by using low consumption lightbulbs.
Naturally, recycling of all materials, including compostable matter is respected.
Coming soon: all toilets as well as the washing machines will employ grey water.

Home-made Products
The signature product is naturally Limousine Lamb since this is the farm’s major product. However, Jane and Nicolas also produce fresh, untreated vegetables in their very large garden so that they can offer quality produce to their guests enjoying the dinner meal.  Le Boucheron also offers homemade jellies and jams at the breakfast table. Local farmers provide products such as beef and honey. The local baker furnishes bread and pastries of the finest quality.