A chance meeting, a house, and a dream, realized…

Le Boucheron is the given name of the farm where Nicolas grew up. He took over the family farm and developed, as his parents had done before him, a herd of Charollais sheep. A narrow country road that weaves through forest and fields ends at the long-standing family home surrounded by acres of the farm. After having been inhabited for many years, this majestic and charming abode was given a new lease on life when Jane came into Nicolas’ world.

It was immediately evident to the young couple that this very special place needed to relive its elegance. So in the autumn of 2012, they threw themselves, heart and soul, into the renovation of this stately home, built between the 16th and 19th centuries. The renovation was to become Jane’s principal activity over the next 3 years during which she would literally immerse herself into every aspect of construction, designing the project, then installing a swimming pool, numerous skylights, insulation, wallboard, tiles, breaking through stone walls, painting and more. In short, building holds few secrets for this former communications and marketing executive who left her life in Paris to establish a new life in the Limousine region. In the end, after a multitude of hours of hard work and effort, and thanks to the help of their families and entourage, Jane and Nicolas will open a 3-bedroom bed and breakfast and a large vacation get-away for 15 people in spring of 2016.

It is in this gentle and enchanting setting, silent and peaceful, that Jane and Nicolas are happy to welcome you and to share with you a slice of their life. Via her dinner offer, Jane invites you to discover her passion for cuisine. From her childhood in San Francisco to her arrival in the region, and having travelled extensively throughout the world, Jane has developed an eclectic and varied style, all the while with care to privilege the simplicity and authenticity of the basic, untreated produce she grows. As for Nicolas, he provides the poultry, eggs, garden vegetables, fruit, nuts, and, of course, his signature product, Limousine Lamb.