Le Boucheron: a family farm

Nicolas took over the family sheep farm from his parents in 2002, becoming his family’s third generation to work the land of Le Boucheron. Today the farm spreads over 200 hectares (nearly 500 acres) that nourish a herd of 1600 Charolais ewes.

Lambs, the principal product, are sold under the label “The Breeders of the Limousine Region”, the official stamp of quality. Nicolas also grows wheat, barley, oat and corn to nourish his herd during the winter and augment the lambs’ aliment of maternal milk, optimizing their growth.

A full three quarters of the farm’s land are grasslands, permitting the herd to graze throughout the year. The humid zones on the banks of streams as well as the areas that are not able to be cultivated remain grasslands and are managed in an extensive manner with neither fertilizer nor phytosanitary treatments. The cultivated fields are sown with clover-based seeds to insure a superior autonomous growth rich in protein and to avoid the use of Brazilian soy.

Overall, Nicolas is committed to limiting to the fullest extent the purchase of outside products in order to maximally favor the resources of Le Boucheron.