The Limousin is a region that has escaped spreading urbanisation and has retained a natural and authentic flavor. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and outdoor activities in a bucolic setting. This said, visitors delight in discovering that the region also hosts a rich historical heritage as well as numerous cultural and athletic activities.

At 15-minutes from the Limoges Bellegarde airport, and 20 minutes from both an exit of Highway 20 and the exquisite Benedictins train station (arguably the most beautiful station in Europe), the geographical location of Le Boucheron makes it an ideal base for visiting the region.

  • Limoges-the old city:  Walk from the “Cité” quarter, through the 13th Century Butchers’ neighborhood, passing by the Cathedral (Gothic 13-19C) and the Garden of the Diocese.
  • Route of Richard, the Lionheart:  Discover the road taken by Richard I, visiting the castle’s of the region – Chalus, Chalucet, Rochechouart, Montbrun, Lastours, Nexon…
  • Village of the Martyrs of Oradour-sur-Glane:  Visit this sad testimony of the horrors of WWII.
  • Reynou Zoo Park:  Discover the great diversity of animals from 5 continents in a natural setting around a 19th C château.
  • La Borie Sound Garden:  Experience the sound-enriched landscape of this unique garden.
  • Ginette’s Garden:  Stroll through 32,000 sq ft of roses, shrubs, clematis and perennial plants, 1½ miles from Le Boucheron
  • Le parc attraction Bellevue: maneges, Kart, Pédalo… 
  • Aquarium du Limousin: 2500 poissons, 300 espèces –
  • Le four des casseaux :  site historique et technique consacré a la porcelaine de Limoges -
  • Maison de la porcelaine a Aixe-sur-vienne : visite d’usine et boutique de porcelaine -
  • La Porcelaine Royale a Limoges : visite d’usine et boutique de porcelaine -
  • Urêka : le musée de l’uranium a Bessines -